How to step back into life when your cancer treatment is finished take charge of your healing and optimise your recovery.
Specialising in supportive workshops for women finishing treatment or who have finished treatment.

A cancer diagnosis causes change, usually it is unexpected, you are not prepared.  Before you know treatment begins you have now become a patient.

It is only when treatment is over [ or the major part of your treatment is completed] that you may realise treatment gives you a sense of security that you didn’t realise, the medical and nursing staff can start to feel like family members, they understand, they support and they care.  There is a purpose to your days, they are filled with appointments, you are doing something to beat your cancer.

Then it’s finished ……………………. You may be asking yourself Now What?

There are no guidelines for this part. In follow up appointments your oncologist usually focuses on physical concerns, medication tests, scans.  Meanwhile your life has changed, you’re grappling to make sense of it all, you may be wondering who am I now?  What am I supposed to do now?  What if it comes back?

Often people feel alone, there are many changes some of which are difficult to understand or come to terms with, relationships can change, you may have to adjust to psychical changes, emotions such as fear and uncertainty can play havoc, you may be asking yourself why did I get cancer, why me?  Why did I survive?  What does this mean for my life now?

When treatment finishes you expect your life to get back to normal but cancer changes you so you picking up where you left off isn’t that easy.  You have to work out how to live now as a cancer survivor and all that this brings.

To help you discover how to put your life back together again, connecting with other women who are on the same quest can help you realise you are not alone.

To be able to know and understand what is normal and what to expect and how to cope and adapt can help you on what can be a lonely and challenging road otherwise.  Having stepping stones to take you through this uncertain land of survivorship can make the difference to optimising your physical mental and emotional and spiritual recovery.

With over 30 years of clinical social work experience Natasha understands the daunting and uncertain path that lies ahead when treatment is finished, having worked in hospitals, cancer centres and supporting people individually as a therapist and counsellor as they emerge from treatment.  She has helped countless women during treatment and post treatment as they adjust to the “new normal”.

Her workshops are product of her clinical experience as an oncology social worker and her cutting-edge knowledge and training of how our mind works and the body -mind connection.  They aim to provide women with a chance to share their experiences, strengths and hopes, to provide the stepping stones for stepping back into life after treatment finishes and to do so with a greater sense of confidence and clarity than going it alone.  They will provide you with tools and strategies to navigate the way ahead.  She can testify that women who engage in support guided by an experienced clinician have better outcomes with their mental wellbeing which is of course intertwined with physical wellbeing.

Join Natasha and other like-minded women on regular Tuesday evenings to optimise your healing journey as a cancer survivor.

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