Regaining Control

Recovering a sense of control after a cancer diagnosis
Discover the art of setting boundaries

No one warns you recovery can be hard and no one has the answers you need.
Are you feeling fed up with the lack of control in your life?

When treatment finishes you enter The Wilderness where you feel lost and alone and don’t know what direction your life should take.

Join me and like-minded women to discover one method you can use to regain a sense of control in your life.

This workshop will focus on helping you understand the importance of boundaries to optimise recovery after treatment and will give you practical skills about boundary setting and an opportunity to share your experiences with other woman facing similar struggles.

We will focus on 2 types of boundaries:
In your relationships.
Mental and emotional boundaries.

Without personal boundaries, “You will act, sleep, work, groan, feel used and fulfill basic responsibilities rather than make choices to live and love fully, to work hard and nobly, to fulfill your purpose and to contribute passionately to your world.” (Source: Black, J. & Enns, G. (1997) Better Boundaries: Owning and Treasuring Your Life.)

When you have completed this work shop you will:

1) Understand why setting boundaries helps you feel in control.
2) Learn about the health benefits of regaining a sense of control.
3) Get insight into what your barriers are around setting boundaries.
4) Have tools to begin to set and strengthen boundaries to feel more empowered.
5) Begin to create your action plan for daily life.

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