What's changed?

When will I feel normal again?

The emotional roller coaster after cancer treatment.

Cancer is a disease that not only affects your body but also your emotions.
Learn about the 2 unique fears after cancer treatment.

It is common to find once treatment finishes that you’re riding an emotional roller coaster.  Going from the heights of gratitude and joy that you are alive to then plunging to the lows of feeling overwhelming fear, anxiety, guilt and depression.

This workshop provides the opportunity to begin to make sense of these bewildering feelings and learning what the normal emotions are for women surviving cancer.  You will learn about tools to help you step off the emotional roller coaster.  By exploring difficult emotions and learning about cancer’s two unique fears with others who are experiencing the post treatment emotional roller coaster, you can begin to feel less isolated and better able to manage as you navigate your way forward to feeling “normal” in a new way.

When you have completed this workshop, you will:

1) Increase your understanding of emotions of women surviving cancer.
2) Learn to recognise when you are experiencing emotions that put you on the emotional roller coaster.
3) Take away practical tips you can use to help you manage difficult emotions.

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