Wins and looses

The wins and losses of my cancer experience

Assessing my relationships

Cancer changes you.
Cancer changes your relationships.
Cancer changes the rules.

Some relationships grow stronger after cancer treatment has finished and some relationships fall apart. People come forward and are there for you that you didn’t expect others don’t show up and you’re left feeling shocked and abandoned.

Your relationship with yourself can change and you may feel confused and "not yourself"

This workshop offers you a chance to explore with other women who understand, the wins and losses that your cancer experience has created. It is an opportunity to look at how your relationships have changed following your cancer treatment, and a chance to make sense of how you have changed.

When completing this workshop, you will:

1) Have had an opportunity to look at ways your cancer has changed you and how you have remained the same.
2) Take away a greater understanding of how cancer has affected your relationships and communication with those close to you, your partner, your family, your friends, your children and your work colleagues.
3) The chance to begin to evaluate your relationships and consider who you want alongside you on this part of your recovery.

Join me and other curious women to make sense of the changes in your life.

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